Ciera had the opportunity to teach students as young as 11 about energy-efficiency, renewable energy sources, and design
It was incredibly impactful to see the students’ creativity and fearlessness as they learned and tried new things. GTL Wales reaffirmed to me how valuable it is to be a teacher, both formally and informally.

Over IAP, Ciera Gordon taught at Y Pant secondary school in Wales. At MIT, Ciera studies architecture, mechanical engineering, and energy studies, and through GTL Wales she had the opportunity to teach Welsh students about the intersections of design, engineering, and energy-efficiency. Ciera taught students aged 11 to 18 about energy efficiency in buildings, climate change, renewable energy sources, product design, and thermodynamics. Through visits to local Welsh-medium schools, where everything is taught in Welsh, Ciera had the opportunity to work with a broad range of students and teachers and experience the different facets of Welsh culture.

Both inside and outside of school, Ciera had the opportunity to learn about Welsh history and society. She joined students on a field trip to the Welsh National Assembly and visited medieval castles and cathedrals that exemplify Wales’ long history. Ciera and the other GTL students, Margaret Bertoni and Daniela Ganelin, met with the Welsh Minister for Education as well as local STEM teachers and organizations to share their experiences with STEM education and as women in STEM.

Ciera benefited from the opportunity to teach a range of students and interdisciplinary subjects and found the experience of teaching and living in Wales incredibly rewarding.

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