The MIT-Japan Program and the New England Japanese American Citizens League invite you to recognize the Day of Remembrance, commemorating the Japanese American incarceration during World War II. BEND: a live performance by Kimi Maeda

During World War II, over 110,000 Japanese Americans were taken from their homes by the United States Government. In this piece, the artist retells the story of her father and the artist Isamu Noguchi, both of whom were incarcerated in a camp in Poston, Arizona. Referencing the landscape of the camp’s desert, the artist uses sand to create live drawings inspired by these images while examining the effects of losing one’s home, one’s cultural identity, and one’s memory.

An informal reception will follow the performance.


Location: E51-095, enter from 2 Amherst Street

(please note the room is basement level and on the same street-level as Memorial Drive)


Materials & Additional Resources: