Eduardo Rivera
Managing Director
Chile, Peru and Argentina

Eduardo is the Program Manager for MIT-Chile, Peru and Argentina. He is responsible for developing projects in those countries with MIT students, faculty, corporate partners, academic institutions, foundations and government organizations. He also manages the MIT Chile and MIT Peru Seed Funds, which promote faculty collaboration between Chilean and Peruvian researchers and their counterparts at MIT.

Eduardo has worked in international education, institutional research, accreditation and quality assurance in universities in Chile, Spain, Germany and the United States. He has written reports on Chile’s higher education systems, international mobility, the ERASMUS scholarship system, and the use of international rankings for national and international institutions. Prior to joining MIT, Eduardo cofounded a research and consultancy organization in Chile, OCIDES, supporting the efforts of Chilean universities in the areas of internationalization, quality assurance and the relationship between higher education and the job market. Every two years in Chile, OCIDES organizes the largest conference on higher education and the world of work, where universities, governmental organizations, NGOs and private companies come together to discuss common interests.

Eduardo is a Doctoral candidate in linguistics and cognitive science and holds a Master’s in linguistics and communications from the University of Barcelona, Spain, a Master’s in Higher Education from The University of Kassel, in Germany and a Bachelor’s in linguistics from the University of Santiago, Chile.

Born in the Atacama Desert in Chile, he has travelled extensively in South America, and in more than 30 countries on 4 continents. He enjoys camping, trekking and mountain biking.