Erin Schenck
Managing Director
Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland

Erin Schenck is responsible for developing projects in Germany with MIT students, faculty, corporate partners, academic institutions, foundations and government organizations. Working with the German Ministry for Education and Research, she founded the MIT-Germany Seed Fund in 2009 to promote joint faculty collaborations. In addition to Germany, Schenck is developing programs in the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Schenck helped to create Global Teaching Labs, an initiative to develop STEM education abroad and serves as Lead for Educational Technologies at MISTI.

Over the past 15 years Schenck has worked and traveled in every major city in the German-speaking world, which has given her a profound appreciation for the wide variety of activities taking place there. She has worked with many leading industrial companies and universities in Germany, as well as the famous Mittelstand firms that make the economy so vibrant.