The Progetto Rocca supports joint projects between MIT and Politecnico faculty through funding for exploratory travel, start up collaborations, doctoral and post-doctoral fellowships and small workshops to discuss research progress. Funding privilege younger scholars and innovative projects that involve two ways student exchanges.

In particular, the Progetto Rocca supports:

  • Exploratory visits by MIT faculty to Politecnico and by POLIMI faculty to MIT to discuss joint projects. These travel grants ($2,500) are meant to facilitate the collaborative initiatives discussed below. To help making the Roberto Rocca Project better known, we ask recipients to make themselves available for a meeting with faculty and students at their hosting institutions to discuss their research. 
  • Interested MIT faculty please submit one page application to Serenella Sferza ( explaining the purpose of the trip and identifying their POLIMI contacts.

    POLIMI  faculty will be supported by a dedicated Progetto Rocca POLIMI travel fund and should contact the Progetto Rocca POLIMI referents.

    No Deadline.

    Seed funding for start- up collaborations between MIT and POLIMI  faculty. Funding – up to $ 15,000 max ( plus 10% overhead) --is meant to help launch new collaborations in their exploratory phase, after which the PIs are expected to apply for outside funding. Deadline: third week in September, in keeping with the MISTI Global Seed Funds deadline. For the exact date and to access the ONLINE application, please go to     


  • Funding for shared post-doctoral students from POLIMI . The Roberto Rocca Post-Doc fellowships support two-year collaborative research projects between MIT and POLIMI faculty who share a post-doctoral student (a POLIMI graduate). This post-doc must spend the first year at MIT and the second at POLIMI. The Fellowship will cover the salary of the MIT stay and round trip travel for a total of $45,000 and MIT health insurance. In order to be eligible, the participating POLIMI P.I. must assure support for the post-doctoral student’s second year stay at POLIMI, as specified by the Roberto Rocca agreement. Proposals must be signed by two Principal Investigators—one from MIT and one from POLIMI. Funding is currently available for two R. Rocca Post-Doc Fellowships per year—only one fellowship per project. ONLY ONE YEARLY DEADLINE: April 15th.
  • Research stays funds for MIT graduate students or advanced undergraduates to conduct research at POLIMI, and for POLIMI students to come to MIT as visiting students while working at a collaborative MIT-POLIMI project. Priority is given to students "hosted" by MIT and POLIMI faculty involved in collaborative projects through the Global Seed FundsNo deadline. For more details, please go to Rocca Fellowship.

For further information, please contact Dr. Serenella Sferza, 617-452-2693.