The Global Seed Funds Advisory Committee assesses and oversees the process for awarding MISTI Global Seed Funds grants.
clockwise from top left: Suzanne Berger, Eric Grimson, Philip Khoury and Chappell Lawson

MISTI GSF grantees are selected through a two-tier process. Proposals are first reviewed first by a committee of MIT faculty knowledgeable about the field within which the proposal lies. Finalists are then chosen by a selection board composed of faculty from across MIT. Over 100 MIT faculty members participate in this review process each year. This process is overseen by the MISTI GSF Advisory Committee:

  • Suzanne Berger, Raphael Dorman-Helen Starbuck Professor of Political Science; Faculty Director, MIT-France Program
  • Eric Grimson, Chancellor for Academic Advancement
  • Philip Khoury, Associate Provost
  • Chappell Lawson, Associate Professor of Political Science; Faculty Director, MISTI