MIT faculty are encouraged to include MIT undergraduate and graduate students in their Global Seed Funds projects as participating members of the collaborating team.
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MIT students and postdocs are encouraged to participate in projects but may not apply directly for funding. MIT students participating in projects will be expected to attend country-specific training through MISTI. Stays abroad through MISTI GSF grants are typically short-term (less than one month). MIT undergraduate and graduate students interested in long-term stays (more than two months) or wishing to intern or conduct research abroad are encouraged to apply for the MISTI internship program or MISTI-IROP partnership.


MISTI and the Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming (UAAP), which manages UROP/IROP, have partnered to make it possible for more MIT undergraduate students to complete a faculty-led research project abroad.

Funds available will cover costs to support undergraduates for an eight- to twelve-week research project abroad (including travel, living costs and insurance). MISTI will provide training on cultural differences, workplace norms and safety and security in the host country. IROP funds are reserved for summer.

If you involve undergraduates in your area of research and are interested in sending a UROP student abroad, please complete this short form.

If you are interested, but don’t yet have a student in mind, MISTI may be able to help you identify a candidate. Please fill out the form for more information.

Graduating seniors and any other undergraduates who do not receive IROP funding may be able to conduct research abroad through the MISTI internship program.

Graduate students

Graduate students may be able to conduct research abroad through the MISTI internship program.

All participating MIT students are encouraged to build on their GSF research experience through a subsequent internship abroad.