Getting Good Stuff Done

Panel Speakers

Dr. Howard Heller - MIT Medical and Harvard Medical School

Dr. Anjali Sastry - MIT Sloan School of Management and Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Rich Fletcher – MIT Tata Center, D-Lab, Media Lab

Bryan Ranger – The Harvard-MIT Program in Health Sciences and Technology (HST), Media Lab, D-Lab


What are common ethical challenges in global health experiences? How should a student prepare in advance, act while in-country, and work with program advisors? Join a workshop in which we address some of the ethical issues that arise when students participate in global health experiences in resource-limited settings. Students, hosts, MIT program staff, and faculty all need to examine potential ethical dilemmas, power dynamics, safety issues, and cultural context. While the focus is on global health, the lessons apply to health experiences in the US.

We will explore:

  • guiding principles established in the medical field and within education abroad, and how these are viewed in the context of medical school applications. 
  • how the “do no harm” principle applies in global health
  • facilitating productive and sustainable partnerships in global health
  • examples of ethical challenges that the panelists have faced

Sponsored by MISTI & PKG