Come and see Master Akihiro Nishi demonstrate the Ohara School style of Ikebana--flower arrangement. Twenty (20) lucky MIT students/affiliates will be selected to try their skills at Ikebana Flower Arrangement. Please register for this event at the link at the bottom of this page.

Light reception after the demonstrations.


Ohara School of Flower Arrangement

The Ohara school was founded in the beginning of the Meiji Period ( 1868-1911 ) by Unshin Ohara.  Until that time, almost all works of Ikebana flower arrangement was displayed in bowls or vases and postioned vertically in a "standing" form.  This ancient vertical style was characterized by numerous limitations and had many strict, detailed rules that was impossible for people to enjoy arranging flowers freely.  However, by Meiji Period, large quantities of Western flowers were imported and cultivated in Japan and began to ifnluence the style of the traditional Japanese Ikebana flower arrangement.