Lily Keyes
Senior Communications Assistant

Lily graduated in 2012 with a B.A. in Journalism & Digital Arts, as well as Sociology & Cultural Anthropology. She is a proponent of pursuing educational experiences abroad, having studied Māori social work in New Zealand and more recently completing an underwater photography internship in Mozambique.

For two years, Lily worked as the Digital Content Producer and in-house graphic illustrator to publish Nature Publishing Group's interactive biology textbooks. As an Adobe aficionada, she has also freelanced in web design, photography, pyrography, and documentary filmmaking. 

Over the last three years working with MISTI, Lily has focused on design, writing, and outreach projects. As a Massachusetts native and an adventurer at heart, she is especially excited to work in an environment in which international cultures may be explored. Driven by her interest in the intersections of science and culture, she is currently taking Science, Technology, and Society classes as part of MIT’s Advanced Studies Program to foster her science writing skills and examine new trends in biotechnology and life sciences. 

This past year, Lily traveled to Lagos, Nigeria to manage communications for the MIT Empowering The Teachers Summit and an MIT alumni event. She also spent time in Venice, Italy creating video content and interviewing MIT students and faculty at the Reinventing Places workshop to address developing issues as a result of rising sea levels.