After decades of development, creativity and ingenuity it is clear that Africa is the bright continent with great opportunity.

As many African countries look towards science and engineering, entrepreneurship and education as pillars of their long-term development strategies, we see exciting spaces for mutually beneficial partnerships with MIT’s world-renowned faculty and students.

MIT-AFRICA manages several programs that synergize to promote short-term yield and significant impact. Below you can see just some of the reach of MIT's engagements across the continent.  

MIT-Africa Interest Group

The goal of the MIT-Africa Interest Group is to connect faculty, staff, post-docs, students and alumns interested, working in or from Africa. The group meets with kind sponsorship from Associate Provost Philip Khoury.

MIT-Africa Newsletter

Each month we publish a newsletter to share exciting events, opportunities and ideas via the MIT-Africa mailing list. If you would like to join the list, or have an item to include in the newsletter, please email:


In order to grow our connections in Africa we need your support. Please visit: to consider a kind donation or contact for additional leadership opportunities. 


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