The Progetto Rocca awards up to two 12 months post-doc Fellowships a year to recent Politecnico PhDs in the areas of materials science, mechanical engineering, bioengineering and life sciences, energy, electrical engineering and computer science. Projects that focus on buildings, infrastructure and planning will be considered only if they privilege mathematical and physical modeling and the novel use of materials.

These awards are meant to recognize and support young researchers of exceptional promise, but also to encourage ambitious collaborations between MIT and Politecnico faculty. The merits of the proposed collaboration will be essential in selecting the Fellows. Proposed collaborations need to be at least two years long. In the second year, as specified by the Roberto Rocca Agreement, the Rocca post-doc fellows will return to Politecnico where they will continue to work on the joint project with funding provided by the Politecnico Principal Investigator.

The proposals may be submitted either by a MIT or Politecnico faculty, and must be signed by two Principal Investigators—one from MIT and one from Politecnico. Only regular faculty can sign as PI.

Please note that availability of second year funding from Politecnico is a prerequisite for a successful application to this type of fellowship.

Funding is currently available for two such projects a year—only one 12 month fellowship per project. Beginning with 2018, there is only ONE yearly application deadline for the post doctoral Rocca Fellowships: April 15th. The selection will be made by the Progetto Rocca MIT Board members. 


Conditions and Regulations:

  • Candidates must have held their PhD for a maximum of 2 years at the time of their application
  • Applications must be sent by e-mail to the President of the Milan Politecnico,
  • Fellowships, unless otherwise specified, will begin in January and end in December
  • Research projects must be signed by two P.I.-- Principal Investigators—one from the Milan Politecnico and one from MIT
  • Applications must include:
    • A project description –three pages maximum—signed by the two P.I.
    • The Curricula Vitae of the two P.I’s –no more than two pages each
    • A letter signed by the Politecnico P.I. and the Deparment Head indicating financial support for the collaborative project at Politecnico for the year following the stay at MIT
    • The candidate’s CV
    • Academic record and grades
    • TOEFL or other evidence of English proficiency.