Get ready for Germany! Our training sessions and resources are designed to familiarize you with German culture, society and workplace norms.

Country Prep Subpages

Culture Courses

Course No. Course Name
Welfare and Capitalism in Western Europe
European Politics
Einstein, Oppenheimer, Feynman: Physics in the 20th Century
Media in Weimar and Nazi Germany

Language Courses

Course No. Course Name
German I
German II
German III
21F: 404
German IV
Advanced Conversation and Composition in German: Literature and Culture
Visual Histories: German Cinema 1945 to present

Additional Resources

In addition to academic work, there is an excellent variety of resources to improve and practice your German language skills.
Deutsche Welle Robust online interactive tool to learn German
BBC – Learn German Reference for free online resources
Goethe Institut Boston German language courses and events


Recommended Reading

Germany: Unraveling an Enigma In-depth analysis of German culture, communication and business practices by Greg Nees (book)
Easier Fatherland: Germany and the Twenty-First Century Journalist Steve Crawshaw focuses on changes in the German mindset and society of the last 15 years (book)


Every student needs a valid passport. If you are a US citizen and need to apply, please contact the passport division of the State Department. Routine service requires 4-6 weeks.


Visa for Germany

Program managers can advise students about the application process, timeline and documents required.

See if your country requires an entry visa in Germany.

To schedule an appointment with the German Consulate in Boston, visit the online visa system. It is recommended to book an appointment at least one month in advance of your departure date.

If your internship is with a company, you will be required to have an original work permit as part of the application. Select students at research institutions or university labs with will also be subject to a work permit. See your program manager to confirm.

Check out the Visa FAQ for Germany.


Work permit

In Germany, students placed at corporate internships are required to have a work permit. Either MISTI or the host can apply for this document, which requires 4-6 weeks processing time.

Occasionally students at research institutes or labs are required to have a work permit in addition to a letter of invitation. See your program manager to confirm.


Each student flight is booked either by MIT-Germany or by the host. If booked by MISTI, students are issued a Lufthansa e-ticket or reimbursed for a flight.

Lufthansa e-ticket (limited number available)

  • Flights can be booked from Boston to either Frankfurt or Munich only

  • Credit card required for tax on flight (around $125 for round-trip ticket)

  • Tickets are off-loadable, which means that there is a chance confirmed reservations may be bumped. If this happens abroad, Lufthansa will cover a hotel and meal vouchers until your flight is reconfirmed.

For summer internships, most students book flights in April after they have confirmed their summer internships dates.

If your stay is fewer than 90 days and you do not require an entry visa, it should be possible for you stay in Germany to travel after your internship ends (at your own expense).


MISTI provides resources and advice for housing throughout Germany. Housing options vary by location, so start looking early.

1. University housing
Contact your host to see if there are sublets available within the research group
Universities have excellent International Offices (often called Welcome Centers)
Local Studentenwerk partners provide services for students

2. Research Institute housing
Explore whether the institute has a guesthouse
Contact your host to see if there are sublets available within the research group

3. Shared apartments (Wohngemeinschaften, WGs)
Most students and young adults in Germany live in shared flats known as “WGs”
Check out local university board postings

4. Hostels
Some students prefer to book a hostel and meet potential roommates upon arrival

Check out the student’s cost of living guide from the German Academic Exchange Service

Housing Resources

Getting Around

Travel by train: book tickets and explore timetables through Deutsche Bahn

Budget airlines: airberlin, Condor, Germanwings and TUIfly