The Young Researchers Fellowship (1-2 a year) is a new addition to the Progetto Rocca. Its purpose is to foster the collaboration between MIT and Politecnico di Milano research groups.

The Fellowships are to be awarded to young Politecnico researchers (assistant professors with tenure) and MIT assistant professors (no tenure required) who wish to go to MIT or Politecnico, respectively, for a 6 -12 month research stay to develop projects conducive to long term collaborations between these institutions. Awards range between $30,000- 50,000 a year plus medical insurance depending on length of stay and family needs.

Candidates must be under 35 years old. The Progetto will privilege research in the areas of materials science, mechanical engineering, bioengineering and life sciences, energy, electrical engineering and computer science. Projects that focus on buildings, infrastructure and planning will be considered only if they privilege mathematical and physical modeling and the novel use of materials.

To apply please submit:

  • a cv (Politecnico researchers are required to provide their qualification in terms of scientific credentials, as measured by the Politecnico)
  • a short two-page description of the project to be pursued while at MIT or Politecnico, illustrating also how this will benefit the future research and teaching of the candidate and the long-term collaboration between the two institutions
  • a letter of presentation from the responsible of the research group in which the candidate operates and his/her curriculum
  • a letter of presentation external from the research group in which the candidate operates and the curriculum of the sender
  • a letter of invitation from the hosting lab or department

Deadlines: April 15th and October 1st

For more information, please contact , or