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Candace participated as investigator in a study of liquid biopsy for plasma circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) in patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancers.

Candace could tell you how cancer works, at the most basic level. Students in course 7.016 had a unit dedicated to it. But to truly know cancer, she believes that you have to see how it intertwines with the lives of those it affects, which she was able to do working with Dr. Adrian Lee and Professor Stephen Clarke at University of Sydney’s Royal North Shore Hospital.   Candace had the rare opportunity to gain firsthand experience in clinical research, and her learning curve in medical knowledge was exponential. Having understood how important it is for oncology to continue towards breakthroughs, her future career will be in medical innovation. “Look forward to further collaboration when you are MD-PhD,” Professor Clarke signed for her in his book. It looks like Candace will be returning to Sydney soon, then.

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“A part of me still remains in that city by the azure waters of the Pacific: Sydney. That’s what MISTI is to me – a chance to not only push the bounds of culture, international collaboration, and scientific breakthroughs, but also find a second home ten thousand miles away.”
Candace Tong-Li '20
Candace in Australia3
Major & Class Year
Biology '20
MISTI Program
Royal North Shore Hospital, University of Sydney