Christine at Rolls-Royce, Singapore

Christine's Story

Christine worked at Rolls-Royce in Singapore as a Digital Analyst Intern.  She worked within R^2 Data Labs on digital innovation to improve design and operations.

Rolls-Royce is a company rich with a history of excellence. They were the creators of the first gas turbine engine, and ever since then, have been innovating manufacturing techniques, optimizing complex operations, and leading the way on electric and digital technology.  I was presented with the complex task of identifying areas of inefficiencies in airliner operations and was instructed to utilize data science to characterize these inefficiencies. I developed a new analysis method that would enable the team of engineers to quickly search through large data sets. I was able to do this because of my unique perspective as an aerospace engineer that brought an understanding of aircraft flight dynamics which allowed me to quickly develop a model based on the physics of flight and helped understand the intricacies of the data with an understanding of the flight instrumentation. I see the work I put in continuing on to help analyze more routes and different types of aircraft to enable the data scientists at Rolls-Royce and airline operations managers to more quickly identify how aircraft are performing less efficiently, which could lead to potential operational changes to reduce the fuel consumption or increase arrival timeliness.  

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“The people at Rolls-Royce shared their field of operations with me and I hope to bring a lot of that knowledge to my own career as an aircraft designer to better meet the complex needs of an air transportation system.”
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Christine in Singapore
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