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Gabriel's Story

Gabriel worked with a team of MISTI interns on an innovative biomedical device at NUS iHealthtech.

I have a long-term passion for healthcare and I believe in combining my education with practical training, so I was very excited to be admitted to this program where I worked on the development of the Tetris-like TILE system.    I was very positively surprised by how multidisciplinary our task was: we had to design, develop and test the whole TILE system, a micro-fluidics device that enables study of cells in a simulated environment. I learned how to use 3D CAD software to draw and design prototypes, how to use laser cutting to test the prototypes, and how to use an industry level CNC milling machine to cut our designs from aluminum. I learned a lot about circuits and the Arduino microprocessor that enabled the whole wireless communication and automation of the TILE system. Sometimes we worked almost 11 hours a day, but I learned skills which I hope to further use in my career. This internship was one of the few real-world engineering experiences I had while at MIT.

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“I learned so much; it was life changing. If not for the generosity of MIT’s alumni network and the Fung Foundation, my MIT experience, hence my life, would have missed out on this wonderful time in Singapore.”
Gabriel Ginorio '19
Gabriel Ginorio in Singapore1
Major & Class Year
Mechanical Engineering '19
MISTI Program
Institute for Health Innovation & Technology (iHealthtech) at National University of Singapore