Abby and a coworker setting up an experiment

Biking and Biological Engineering in Denmark

Over the summer, Abby worked on the aquaculture team at biodiversity startup FaunaPhotonics in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her project was to design a laser to detect salmon lice larvae before they could affect salmon crops.

  • Abby at a restaurant in front of Danish flags
  • Abby with other MIT-Denmark students

"I was surprised by how much time people spend outside or biking or just enjoying the sunshine during the summer months. The summer vibes are very strong in Denmark, and the sun is out until 10:30pm every night."

"A big part of Danish culture is biking as transportation. I rented a bike for the duration of my stay, and I used it to go to work, go out, buy groceries, etc. There are even very nice bike lanes in 90% of streets in Denmark, so it is safer for the bikers. Fun fact, bikes outnumber people in Denmark."
  • Abby rides a bike in Copenhagen
  • Abby with her two supervisors

"My internship in Denmark was a great way to consider a different working and living culture than what is common in the US. I gained skills in balancing working hard and having a significant social life."

Major & Class Year
Biological Engineering, 2020
Copenhagen, Denmark
MISTI Program

Lucy's Internship at COWI