As part of our prep and training night for current interns, MISTI hosted the 2016 Excellence Awards on April 25th at MIT.


Robert “Law” Smith
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 2016

“This past January, I asked Law to assist me on a trip to Japan with 23 MIT students who had never gone to Japan. During our trip, I noticed Law engaging with students talking to them about Japan, MIT or life in general. He was counseling them on which classes to take and also the benefits of going on a MISTI internship/research. He carefully explained the skills he gained in Japan and pointed out how he grew as a person because of his time away from home and living in a different culture.”




Tiffany Yeh
Materials Science and Engineering, 2017
Chile; Global Startup Labs

“Tiffany has supported the MISTI mission by leveraging her current interests and background into meaningful international experiences. Tiffany consistently has impressed MISTI managers with her dedication to making the most out of each of her experiences keeping MISTI’s mission in mind. Tiffany’s initiative in seeking out MIT connections in Chile ultimately bolstered MISTI’s outreach in Chile by UNICEF’s chief Representative and an MIT alumna.” 





Jiwon Park
Chemistry, 2017
India; Global Teaching Labs

“Jiwon embodies the mission of MIT, MISTI and the spirit of MIT-India through her achievements in academics, research, collaboration, and hands-on engagement in regards to public health, medicine, and education."






Jesús Moreno Castro
Materials Science and Engineering with minors in Economics and Political Science, 2016
Chile, Israel; Global Teaching Labs

“Today’s world demands that our leaders have the capacity to reach out beyond the cultures that they know and learn and lead together with others across the globe. Through his four MISTI experiences, Jesus has proven that he is one of these leaders.” 





Kelsey Jamieson
Chemical Engineering, 2016
Belgium, France; MISTI 2.0

“Kelsey has a natural desire to bring people together around common topics and goals, a desire to serve others, and the ability to draw people to her cause. Kelsey carries an easy confidence and assurance, and her genuine enthusiasm, openness and passion are infectious.”