On April 24th, MISTI celebrated this year's Excellence Awardees at the Samberg Conference Center.


Kevin Ng

EECS, 2017
China, Taiwan, Australia 











“I have sent nearly 1,000 MIT students on internships to China since 2000, and Kevin Ng ranks in the top 5 students who are most committed to the program. While Kevin continues to contribute to the MIT-China program with his people, organizational and management skills, he also helped MISTI start the MISTI Australia & New Zealand pilot program with an industry internship in Sydney during summer 2015. In summer 2016, Kevin also launched a pilot project in Shanghai with Sinolink Securities, a subsidiary of the Yongjin Group, one of China’s largest financial companies.”


Michael McGraw

EECS, 2017











“Beginning in his sophomore year, Michael has generously shared his time and perspectives on living, teaching and working in Germany with hundreds of MIT students. He is continually willing to attend info sessions for prospective students, offer campus tours for visiting partners (now in German!) and represent MISTI across campus with programs such as the Industrial Liaison Program. While sharing his own personal experiences abroad, Michael stresses how his hands-on international projects positively impacted his engineering education at MIT and shaped his global perspective. Michael is the BEST student ambassador I have seen since 2009.” 



Matthew Cavuto

MechE with a concentration in German, 2017
Germany, India 











“MIT students are often brilliant, but it is rare that you find a student who embodies all 3 award characteristics. While we are nominating Matthew for the MISTI Achievement Award, we find it hard not to also highlight his global leadership and his natural capacity as a MISTI Ambassador. Some of Matthew’s achievements include a U.S. patent, a peer-reviewed published article and many awards and grants.”



Evan Denmark

Computer Science and Engineering, 2017
Israel, Nepal, India, Jordan











"As a result of Evan’s multiple MISTI experiences in four different countries and in very different environments (a corporate internship, high school classroom, and independent project), he demonstrated his ability to adapt quickly and successfully regardless of the scenario. While working on a technical project in India, Evan learned a new programming language vital to the project, requiring him to take a lot of feedback and criticism in order to have a successful outcome. When teaching high school physics in Jordan, Evan had to adjust his lessons each day to engage his 9th grade students in an interactive “MIT hands-on” approach. While filming his documentary, Evan had to be assertive while still being mindful of who and what he was filming and how it was perceived in context. In this way, Evan shows great leadership as he has the ability to take initiative on his projects and produce valuable change within each cultural context. Also for the last 3 years Evan has served as an Ambassador for the MIT-Arab World and MIT-India programs by presenting at information sessions and pre-departure trainings, and meeting with individual students and faculty leaders.”