MISTI Programs

The MIT-Africa program places students of all levels and fields of study into internships of all kinds with collaborators across the continent.
Arab World
MISTI’s Arab World Program provides opportunities for MIT students and faculty to engage with peers across the Arabic-speaking region.
Australia & New Zealand
MIT-ANZ offers student opportunities in companies, research institutes, and universities.
MIT-Belgium provides faculty funding and offers student opportunities in companies, research institutes, and universities.
Launched in 2009, the MIT-Brazil Program connects MIT students and faculty with research, industry and teaching opportunities in Brazil.
The MIT-Chile Program grants funding to MIT faculty and matches students with all-expense-paid internships and research abroad.
Founded in 1994, MIT-China is MISTI's second oldest program and offers faculty funds and student opportunities across China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.
MIT-Denmark connects the MIT community with the Kingdom of Denmark to learn from and contribute to Danish innovation and functionality.
The MIT-France program grants funding to MIT faculty and places students in internship and research positions in French companies and labs.
The MIT-Germany Program, founded in 1997, provides opportunities for students in companies and research as well as faculty seed funds.
Founded in 1998, the MIT-India Program offers student opportunities and on-campus cultural events for the MIT community.
The MIT-Israel Program, launched in 2008, provides opportunities for students in companies and research.
The MIT-Italy Program places students in internships and offers faculty funds which facilitate research collaborations between MIT faculty and their counterparts at the Milano and Torino Politecnici, the Universita di Pisa, the Universita’ di Udine, Trieste and SISSA.
Launched in 1983, MIT-Japan is MISTI's oldest program, offering student opportunities and faculty funds to the Institute.
MIT-Korea offers students the chance to participate first-hand in the rapidly expanding world of Korean business, technology, and innovation through its internship and teaching opportunities.
Founded in 2004, the MIT-Mexico Program offers student opportunities and faculty seed funds.
Launched as a pilot program in 2012, the MIT-Netherlands Program provides MIT students internship and research opportunities across the country.
The MIT-Portugal Program offers internships and research opportunities in Portugal.
MIT-Russia builds bridges between MIT and leading companies and universities in Russia through student programs and faculty collaborations.
The MIT-Singapore Program introduces MIT undergraduate and graduate students to research, technology, and innovation in Singapore.
South Africa
The MIT-South Africa Program offers internships and research opportunities in South Africa.
Founded in 2006, the MIT-Spain Program matches students with all-expense-paid internships and research abroad.
The MIT-Switzerland Program offers internships and research opportunities in French-speaking and German-speaking Switzerland.
In tandem with MIT’s Innovation Initiative, MIT-UK creates opportunities for faculty and students to learn together from and foster the UK’s thriving innovation environment.

Other MISTI Programs

Empowering the Teachers
The Empowering the Teachers (ETT) program strives to foster innovation in science and engineering education in tertiary academic institutions in Africa through an intense engagement with faculty members from African universities. MIT-ETT is a semester long fellowship accepting young engineering professors who are currently teaching at local universities in Nigeria and who recently completed their PhD. NNPC/TOTAL is the corporate partner to this program.
Global Startup Labs
Since 2000, MIT Global Startup Labs has sent over 200 MIT instructors to teach over 2400 students in 25 countries, resulting in the creation of businesses and the addition of course offerings at our partner universities.
Global Teaching Labs
MISTI Global Teaching Labs (GTL) gives MIT students the opportunity to learn through teaching while sharing MIT's unique approach to education with partner high schools around the world.
MIT PeaceTech Initiative
MISTI PeaceTech Initiaitve offers MIT students opportunities to learn about entrepreneurship, science and technology and its capacity to support and spark peace-building activities around the world
Since 1996, MIT-CETI has trained MIT students to work in teams across Greater China introducing MIT online educational platforms, consulting Chinese start up companies with Sloan China Lab and training Chinese high school teachers in mobile phone applications.
Founded at MIT in 2004, Middle East Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow (MEET) harnesses the power of technology to educate and empower tomorrow's Palestinian and Israeli leaders