MIT is committed to working with others to bring knowledge to bear on the world’s greatest challenges.
MISTI is committed to enabling every MIT student to make an impact in the world. Your support can make this possible.

MISTI empowers MIT students and faculty to advance knowledge and solve the world’s great challenges by connecting them with researchers, companies, and other partners around the world. Specifically, MISTI:

  • Furthers MIT’s educational objectives by creating applied international learning opportunities for MIT students that increase their ability to understand and address real-world problems.
  • Bolsters the Institute’s research mission by promoting collaborations between MIT faculty members and their counterparts abroad.
  • Partners with companies, universities, research institutions, non-profit organizations, and government entities, especially those that serve as hosts and collaborators for our students and faculty, to address shared challenges.
  • Collaborates with partners around the Institute, serving as a vital nexus of international activity, to enable and inspire international projects and initiatives.

The student experience

At MISTI, we believe that a substantive, practical work or research experience abroad should be an integral part of a world-class science and technology education.

We also believe that students will be much better able to contribute to their host organizations and to get the most out of their time abroad if they know the language and culture of the countries in which they will be placed.

Our student programs are designed to ensure that students have a rich experience abroad that broadens their academic, professional, and personal horizons and prepares them to be global leaders in their field of study. At graduation, MISTI students report a higher level of self-confidence and an improved ability to adapt to new situations and to communicate effectively with international peers.

Faculty collaborations

Today, MIT faculty tackle intellectual challenges that cannot be addressed within our national boundaries or by working only with people who define problems, organize teams and measure success and failure the same way we do. The frontiers of knowledge and technology now stretch around the world, and problem-solving requires participation in world-wide networks of knowledge creation and use. With complex global issues at stake—such as health, energy, environment, and security—MISTI's Global Seed Funds grant program fosters crucial intellectual collaboration between MIT researchers and their counterparts around the globe.

Inside MISTI

MISTI operates through country- or region-specific programs that create opportunities for students and faculty to work with partners abroad. Our programs cover most of the world’s large economies, as well as smaller countries with particularly dynamic technology sectors. We also administer several innovative cross-regional programs that enable MIT students to learn through teaching STEM and entrepreneurship at foreign high schools and universities.

Each MISTI program is led by one or more senior members of the MIT faculty who set the strategic direction for the program and ensure its educational quality. MISTI faculty directors are world-class scholars who have longstanding ties to the countries in which their programs operate and who share a commitment to practical education.

Each MISTI program is administered on a day-to-day basis by a program manager—a professional with experience in international education, a strong commitment to the student experience, and extensive knowledge of the country with which they work.

MISTI is a part of the Center for International Studies in the MIT School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences.