Program Assistant

MIT-Germany, MIT-Netherlands,
& MIT-Switzerland

atragert [at]  -  (617) 324-1435

Amanda grew up in Massachusetts and moved to Ohio in high school (her first experience with cultural shock). She graduated from Ohio University with a BA in Asian Studies and German Language. During this time, she was lucky enough to study abroad 2 separate years—first in Germany, near Dresden, and then later in Japan, near the city of Nagoya. After college, she returned to Boston, where she worked and studied at Lesley University. Prior to joining MISTI, she completed her MA in International Higher Education, which culminated in a 6-month internship in Heidelberg, Germany. She has also co-presented research on advising LGBTQ+ students studying abroad.

Amanda is passionate about the benefits of intercultural exchange in all its forms, and she is excited to support MIT students as they gain these new experiences!