Aerospace Engineering major Lyndsy Muri found professional challenges and refreshing interactions at Dutch aerospace research institute NLR.
Aerospace Engineering major Lyndsy Muri on site at her host, NLR.

A comprehensive research environment

NLR's aerospace projects run the gamut, with a range of international clients and contracts in both the private sector and government, for civilian as well as military aerospace development. With over 650 employees, NLR's facilities include wind tunnels, research aircraft, military and civilian flight simulators, ATM tower and radar simulators, and a wide variety of research and development capabilities. NLR provided the perfect setting for Lyndsy to expand her potential and discover the benefits of working for a full-service aeronautics research center.

Leaving an impression

NLR was a great fit. “I found that I like a challenging atmosphere, and one that will push me,” Lyndsy remembers. Her internship had her refining an existing computer simulation environment. “Because no documentation had been made at the inception of the simulator, I wrote an extensive user manual to accompany the simulation environment,” she explains. She's happy that she gets to leave behind work that will be substantially useful to her co-workers in the future.

Friends make all the difference

Lyndsy felt lucky to make friends early on in her stay. “Making friends in Amsterdam truly made my experience unforgettable,” she says. “These friendships gave me an experience that no tourist would ever discover. My nights were busy and my weekends were hectic, but I made friendships that I know will last beyond my 10 weeks in Holland!”

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