Having only been to Europe once, Brad never expected to spend 9 weeks working for a development center in Portugal
Brad and his CubeSat colleagues

Powering the mission

Brad's work this summer involved working on the power subsystem for the MECSE CubeSat project. The goal of his work was to find a feasible option for powering and maintaining operations for the duration of the mission. He started his work with a large amount of research because he had no prior experience with power systems. He then began to implement a power budget to determine how much power he would need to produce. Then he began sizing the power components such as the batteries, solar panels, and supercapacitors (for bursts of power). By the end of his work, he had determined a feasible method for powering the CubeSat. He also worked on various other smaller projects for the CubeSat including TT&C as well as AOCS. 

MISTI gave Brad a once in a lifetime opportunity to live and work in Portugal, allowing him to experience the amazing culture and the incredible people. "Every day I was challenged by either a hard problem at work or just by the newness of everything around me", he said. "This opportunity opened my eyes to the world around me and let me see a new culture that is beautiful and refreshing." 

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