Interviews of MISTI / MIT Japan Program past interns and what they are doing now. Question: How were they able to use their internship experience in their post-MIT life?

I used the skills I learned at SCREEN for the first 8 years or so of my career when I worked as a software engineer.  Now that I work in Professional Services, I rely much more on the interpersonal and cultural skills that I learned in Japan and a little bit on the language skills.  I have had wonderful work experiences in Australia, Ireland, the UK, and Sweden, and these experiences would have been much more challenging had I not spent time in Japan.  I definitely used my cultural skills in each of these countries--not that the cultural gap was as large as in Japan--and I most certainly used my language skills in Sweden, where learning to read was a high priority, especially for groceries.


Even though I have not been to China, I can most certainly tell you that learning Mandarin was much simpler since I was already semi-literate in Japanese.  I was the only student in class who could say, "Everything is pronounced exactly like it's spelled."  :-)


I do look forward to one day working either in Japan or with the Japanese again.  It was most certainly a positive experience the first time.

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