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Anjali's Story

Bio. Eng and Lit student Anjali Chadha '23 worked on immunology, haematology, and gene therapy at the Nathwani Lab in the UCL Cancer Institute.

"First, [I] worked on developing a novel therapeutic for citrullenemia and testing it in liver cells where the disorder occurs. Then, worked to isolate cfDNA from plasma and measure the proportion of methylated vs. unmethylated DNA as a marker of cellular damage. All of the wet lab biology skills I've learned at MIT through UROPs and courses were valuable at this lab. I also quickly picked up new lab techniques because of the exposure I have had in classes. I was surrounded by hard working and intelligent lab members who were very helpful whenever I had questions."

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"Living in London helped me see how my MIT education would serve me in the long run, and gave me several new goals to pursue when I return for senior year. It shaped my career goals but also my holistic vision for what my life can look like. The relationships and network I developed abroad will stay with me for life, and will spread MIT's mission far!"
Anjali Chadha '23
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Major & Class Year
Biological Engineering and Literature '23
London, United Kingdom
MISTI Program
University College London, UCL
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