Annemarie Dapoz seated with 3 others on red speedboat out in the ocean of Queensland, Australia

Annemarie's Story

Annemarie Dapoz '22, interned at Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) during the summer of 2022 and designed a platform for deeper water reef monitoring and invasive species detection.

  • Annemarie Dapoz in a reef scan assembly line with 4 other co-workers handling parts of a reef scan on a table filled with equipment and water bottles

Based on previous AIMS projects and my own experience, I completed the design of a towed robot to carry cameras and sensors. The robot is currently being manufactured and AIMS is intending to test it on reef surveys before the end of the year. My skills and knowledge from MIT were extremely useful, based on what I had learned in project classes and extracurricular I was able to CAD the design, complete calculations, run simulations, and write thorough documentation for reference after I left. I developed a greater awareness for use cases in marine engineering, learning the tricks and tools that are used, and how the technology I want to develop is used in the field. My goal is to work on mechanical design for marine systems. This was the ideal project for me—I was given free reign over the design of a new robotic system for reef monitoring. It was incredible experience working on exactly the kind of project I hope to be doing as a career, and I don't think this will be my last time in Australia or even AIMS.

  • Annemarie Dapoz with AIMS team by the sea dock ready to deploy a reef scan with a crystal blue sea
"I learned that without people I know around it can take a bit of a push to get me out and exploring, but it's well worth the effort. It's an incredible experience to work on an interesting project and explore a new part of the world. I would recommend MISTI to any MIT student."
Annemarie Dapoz '22
Annemarie Dapoz snorkeling in Australia wearing a wet suit and yellow flippers, diving down towards the seabed
Major & Class Year
Mechanical Engineering '22
Townsville, QLD, Australia
MISTI Program
Australian Institute of Marine Science

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