Audrey Chen headshot with the Sydney Opera House in the background on a cloudy day

Audrey's Story

A summer 2022 internship ending with Audrey Chen '24 finishing up the building of the mobile robot itself and made it safe for the public through her internship at the University of Melbourne’s robotics lab. 

"I also helped program the robot’s path-planning and arm motion, making sure that the robot could navigate the space and perform tasks using its attached arm. I’ve never worked with ROS before, so it was a big jump for me to go from plug-and-play electronics to wiring and programming robotic systems from scratch. I learned a ton about applying packages and transforming existing code to suit your needs. I also have never really worked much in simulation before, so it was really cool to see my robot’s digital twin on the computer to verify the real robot’s behavior. This simulation element was super important since the robot itself isn’t something you’d want behaving unexpectedly; after all, the entire robot weighs well over 300 kilograms! After we finished the robot for open day, I was given a lot of freedom to use the University’s resources to make whatever I wanted! I pulled data from my CT scan I got last year and made a one-to-one scale model of my skull using a 3D nylon printer. That project taught me how to sculpt in Blender. I also was able to print a scale model of my robotics team’s autonomous boat back at MIT!"

  • Mobile robotic arm displayed at the University of Melbourne's open day, protected by a barrier with students walking around on the outside of the barrier
Participating in a MISTI exchange was an incredible opportunity to both learn technical skills and experience a culture away from home. I have no doubt that when I graduate, I’ll look back on it as one of the highlights of my MIT experience. If you’re considering donating to MISTI, understand that for many, MISTI might be their only opportunity to travel abroad due to financial constraints. I know I never would’ve even dreamed of going to a different country for the summer if this program did not exist.
Audrey Chen '24
Audrey Chen pictured with two others and Melbourne's green trams on the platform
Major & Class Year
Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Control, Instrumentation and Robotics '24
Melbourne, Australia
MISTI Program
University of Melbourne

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