Alice arrived at NUS hoping to study the world at the single cell DNA epigenomic level. Instead, she gained a new global perspective.
“The MISTI program allowed me to gain newfound insight into bioengineering while also allowing me to immerse myself in the culture of a different part of the world.”

As a bioengineering major, Alice had engaged in a wide variety of projects, ranging from aptamer synthesis to stem cell studies. However, her experience at the Cheow Lab of NUS piqued her interest in a new aspect of bioengineering: single cell epigenomic technologies. Single cell epigenomic studies are a powerful new tool for understanding the relationship between cellular identity and gene regulation. Work in the field currently focuses on measuring histone modifications in single cells for high sensitivity epigenetic profiling. Alice’s project focused on the cleavage under targets and release using nuclease (CUT&RUN). Her work contributed to the optimization of the CUT&RUN technique led by Dr. Howard Womersley of the Cheow Lab.

Alice also worked to gain a deeper understanding of similarities between progress and technological developments in Asian cultures and the United States. Living in the biotech capital of Asia, Alice found a love for innovation that was shared by Singaporeans. She found that she greatly enjoyed living in a place with so much diversity without sacrificing the comforts of modern life. While in Singapore, Alice also took the opportunity to visit neighboring Southeast Asian countries. Seeing the different cultures of other people, she broadened her perspective on the world, especially about her heritage. Alice’s time abroad gave her valuable insight as a student, a researcher, and an Asian American.

  • Singapore
  • Internship
  • BioE/ChemE