With big ideas in mind, Yara has always hoped to some day found her own digital health start-up. After this summer of analyzing the investment potential of up and coming ideas, she can finally see this dream becoming a reality.
“Without MISTI, my cultural immersion this past summer would never have been possible. Through MISTI, you not only gain valuable work experience, but also gain a new perspective on the world.”

As a biological engineering major, Yara has researched different biological processes and looming questions in the field while taking technical classes to increase her knowledge of the topics. However, her internship at Hikma Ventures in Amman, Jordan this past summer taught her so much she could never learn in a classroom setting. Since the Hikma Ventures team was only made up of three people, the general environment was “all hands on deck” for every assignment. This meant that Yara was really able to experience all the aspects of venture capital, reviewing the slide decks of different companies, holding calls for potential investments to pitch their ideas, and presenting important information to the company’s top executives.

Having very little prior interaction with investing, Yara learned key skills in the duration of her nine weeks. She learned about the analysis of pre and post money valuations, the process of joining a round, and major aspects that VCs look for in deciding whether to invest. Overall, all the skills are very applicable to Yara’s future career goal of starting her own biotech startup.

Outside of work, Yara really learned what life in Amman is like for its every day citizens. She found all the great fruit and vegetable stands, while becoming friends with the supermarket owner on her street. She learned about the restaurants all the locals love and was able to try them out with friends she made in the country. Of course, she still went and visited all the tourist locations as well like Petra and Aqaba. She didn’t make it to the Dead Sea, so she can make sure to have an excuse to revisit the amazing country that is Jordan.

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