Andy chose to intern in a small city in the hopes of challenging his German and immersing himself in local culture
Andy at the Department of Biological Cybernetics

In Andy’s host lab he was given the opportunity to select the direction of his project. He chose to work on data analysis on a project on binocular rivalry and flash suppression in macaque monkeys. Having chosen an area of study in which Andy already had some familiarity, he enjoyed the opportunity to see rapid results while gaining valuable experience in the field. Having spent a summer working in MatLab, Andy feels that he has gained valuable intuition in computer science, diversifying his abilities and making him more interdisciplinary.

Outside of the lab, Andy challenged himself to speak only in German, attending meet-ups and other social events in order to meet locals. While meeting people in a small town can be challenging, Andy established connections and friendships that will last a lifetime. “I grew to love Tuebingen. I still think about the quiet nights, the everyday exchanges with German shopkeepers, and my hike to the Max Planck Institute.”

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