Camille Richamn, MIT

Camille's Story

Camille has traveled to Israel three times through the MIT-Israel program. She put her technical and problem-solving skills to use while interning at Keter Plastics and the Ecological Greenhouse at Kibbutz Ein Shemer.

In summer 2013, Camille interned at Keter Plastic, where she designed a semi-automated table for packaging small parts, in order to create a comfortable environment for elderly factory workers which minimizes human error using "poke yoke" techniques.

The following summer, Camille worked at the Ecological Greenhouse at Kibbutz Ein-Shemer, teaching students how to build and maintain aeroponic farms. After her 2014 MISTI experience at 

Camille didn’t know if she would have the opportunity to return to the educational greenhouse—but thanks to her dedication and hard work, Ein-Shemer became an official Global Teachings Lab Israel site in 2015. At the Greenhouse, Jewish and Arab Israeli middle and high school students study ecological sciences through hands-on projects.

In 2016, Camille and Daniel Goodman ’13 founded the company, Hamama. The seeds for Hamama, or “greenhouse” in Hebrew, began during Richman’s MISTI experience in Israel.

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"Starting over in a new place forces you to branch out and actively form connections if you want to establish a network.” I am usually very introverted, but in Israel I found myself reaching out and trying to connect with people (and enjoying it) more than usual...This is a skill that I am hoping to take back to MIT with me and to keep up even beyond that.”
Camille Richman, MEng '15
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Keter Plastics & the Ecological Greenhouse of Kibbutz Ein Shemer
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