"When I left Boston on May 27th for Israel, I was easily the most apprehensive I have ever been. I was leaving familiarity for the unknown."
CEE MS candidate, Esther Njuguna, overcomes her anxiety to have the best summer in Haifa, Israel


When I left Boston on May 27th 2013 for Israel, I was easily the most apprehensive one could possibly ever be. I was leaving familiarity for the unknown and was somewhat terrified by this.

Barely two hours into my arrival in Israel, I had experienced utmost kindness and hospitality from total strangers and was merrily having dinner with new-found friends at the B’ahai Gardens. I did not need further confirmation that it was going to be a splendid summer.


I had the wonderful opportunity of doing research in the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Technion. I worked in collaboration with a PhD student at the university on a project aimed at using demand modeling techniques to quantify the level of factors affecting the decision-making process involved in purchasing airline tickets. The project involved launching a survey that provided individuals with different itinerary choices for different travel scenarios. We then analyzed the results of the survey to find out the attributes that passengers value the most when considering various itinerary choices. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to consult with my supervisor on an ongoing project that he is working on. The research project is on the impact of fear of flying on travelers’ flight choice.

Flying is an integral component of the tourist experience. The role of fear of flying (FOF), a very common phenomenon among air passengers, has not been addressed in the study of travelers’ decision making regarding air travel. The findings of this study suggest that airlines could segment their target market into domestic and non-domestic passengers and conduct price discrimination accordingly.  In addition, airlines may be able to increase the preference of foreign passengers toward their flights by employing different measures that alleviate the passengers’ level of FOF. 

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