Carmen Castaños spent her time in the Netherlands working on a variety of projects and immersing herself in Deventer's community
Civil Engineering major Carmen Castaños in the Noord/Zuidlijn subway line under Amsterdam


At Witteveen+Bos in Deventer, MIT senior Carmen Castaños worked on a variety of projects including the Fehmahn Tunnel Link, an art installation, and the company archives. The scope of the different projects allowed Carmen to explore different areas of Witteveen+Bos’s work, expanding on technical knowledge and improving her communication in both Dutch and English. Carmen was also able to visit the building site of the Noord/Zuidlijn, a subway tunnel under Amsterdam and one of the largest civil engineering projects in the Netherlands.


In addition to work, Carmen was able to integrate herself into the local community. By living with locals close to her own age, she was able to play field hockey in a local league, explore Deventer and make a lot of Dutch friends. She was also able to explore a personal interest in architecture by traveling to interesting buildings throughout the country and visiting the recently re-opened Rijksmuseum.

After her summer in the Netherlands, Carmen felt fortunate to be able to both explore exciting engineering problems while enjoying everything Dutch culture has to offer. Her experience taught her how civil engineering problems are approached outside of academia and outside of the United States.

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