Tamar Yaniv and Haggai Klorman, co-founders of Preen.Me, were delighted to have a hard-working intern join the team for the summer – and even more ecstatic to hire her full-time

Written by Tamar Yaniv, CEO and Haggai Klorman, COO

MIT-Israel intern Valerie Chia        

Preen.Me is the world’s largest social beauty platform, amassing close to 2 million fans on Facebook in just over a year.   We aim to become the leading destination for all things beauty, transforming how women shop for beauty products.  After building a strong social presence in the last year and a half, the company is at a point where it is ready to monetize and expand its business development efforts.  Valerie’s background in both business and engineering gave her strong analytical and presentation skills that she applied during her internship over the summer.

As an intern, Valerie was instrumental in creating business development presentations and documents, providing crucial support to the biz dev team.  She was also an active part of the social media team, helping manage the company’s vast social media presence.  From the beginning, it was clear that she was an incredibly quick learner and a very hard worker.  That means that she happily and enthusiastically handled anything and everything we threw at her. 

Valerie always gave us the feeling that working hard is a given for her.  She loves to be challenged and to learn. Though she’s the first intern we’ve hosted from MIT, I wouldn’t be surprised if these were typical MIT student traits.

Career move

Inspired by those around her, Valerie ultimately decided to defer her job at Bain & Company for a year to continue working with Preen.Me in a business development role. Read more about her experience


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