Luis combined his two top skills of Computer Science and Molecular Biology working on two major projects at ImagX at IBA/UCLouvain
“MIT-Belgium gave me a great opportunity to expand my horizons, giving me not just a glimpse of working abroad but a full experience. I got the opportunity to use skills I learned in different classes at MIT, combining them to design a product that might have an important impact on the future of healthcare. This experience let me see more clearly what I want in life and gave me valuable connections that I’ll keep and which could help me achieve my goals in the future"

As a computational biology major that had recently switched from bioengineering, Luis was looking for his first experience in computer science research or software development. Fortunately, MISTI Belgium provided a great opportunity for him to get that first experience he was looking for. This was not the first time that Luis had found a summer internship through MISTI, so when he was proposed a project on a health-oriented computational project, he knew it was the perfect match

During the first week, Luis learned all about the theory and tools that he would use during the rest of the summer. "It was hands-down the heaviest week of the summer, learning all the material from a machine learning course in just one week. But also, one of the weeks I enjoyed the most".

Halfway through the internship, Luis was proposed another project by his host. The focus of the project seemed similar to the first one, being on medical images, but it was approached with a security perspective, using a blockchain to train models on sensitive data. "I remembered the joy of learning during the first week, and immediately said yes. I had no idea of how a blockchain actually worked, but was ready to learn".

The work that Luis did during the summer, however, doesn't tell the full story. This was the first time that Luis lived in a small city, with about 30,000 inhabitants. At first, Luis thought that Louvain-la-Neuve wouldn't be a very exciting place, but quickly realized that Belgium was so well connected with convenient trains that he could explore event the farthest corners of this whole new country during the weekends. With the FIFA World Cup happening during the summer, Luis also got to learn about the Belgian passion for football.

After a fruitful internship, Luis came back to MIT for his senior year, ready to share and apply the great deal of newly acquired knowledge and skills during the semester.

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