After a Junior Year beginning with a change of majors and ending in his own wedding, Taylor continues his dive into new terrain with Cancer Research in London.
“MISTI UK granted me a thrilling opportunity to step outside of my American world to learn from a very international group of researchers and to explore a country that houses far more than just English people.”

Previously a nuclear engineering major, Taylor decided to change his career trajectory after becoming keenly interested in treating cancer. Upon discovering the field of medicine as his passion, he declared computational biology as his new major. He chose to join the Cancer Heterogeneity lab at University College London’s Cancer Institute to gain a better glimpse inside the genome of patients with lung cancer – a disorder that he hopes to treat as a physician in the future.

The first week of his internship, Taylor was surprised to learn that he would take on an independent project in detecting chromothripsis, a recently discovered chromosome-shattering phenomenon found in many tumor types. This prospect was made more challenging by his lack of knowledge of the R programming language, but he made significant progress by studying outside of internship hours and by learning from other coworkers during lab presentations.

Outside of his lab group, Taylor immersed himself in his local church congregation. He had many opportunities to teach with and serve people in church. When asked about experiencing culture in England, he said “interacting with the people in my congregation gave us the best glimpse of life in London.” He was surprised to find that most of them did not originally come from England either. For him, the main takeaway is that “London is an international hub for all types of people.” He hopes to practice as a physician in such culturally diverse regions of the world throughout his life.

Beyond his research, Taylor spent time studying for the MCAT, which he completed in September 2018. He was also recently married. His wife Hailey, a computer science student at Harvard University, also completed a software-engineering internship in London this summer. 




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