Student safety is our top priority, so we will continue to monitor developments and any changes to MIT's policies and advise students accordingly. MISTI Program Managers are in constant contact with hosts and partners abroad and are monitoring the situation in their specific country. MISTI will only send students abroad in compliance with MIT policy


Will MIT-sponsored travel be allowed in 2021?

We do not know yet. As you may recall, MIT suspended all MIT-sponsored student international or domestic travel for the summer. A planning group is now in the process of developing travel guidance for the fall semester, and will make recommendations about:

  • Travel by staff, faculty, and students;
  • Local, domestic, and international travel;
  • MIT-sponsored and personal travel; and
  • Related requirements and processes for travel registration, high-risk waiver applications, post-travel quarantine, etc.

The group is aiming to draft recommendations for the senior team’s review in the next couple of weeks. An update will be shared with the MIT community as soon as a decision is made.

If travel is not possible, what alternate global education programming will be offered?

MISTI will continue to create and post opportunities to the MISTI Now page with a primary focus on:

  • In-country opportunities for students already residing abroad
  • Remote internships and other opportunities
  • Language learning
  • Cultural programming
  • Podcasts
  • Hackathons
When will MIT reopen student travel to MISTI countries?

Considerations for re-opening a suspended program will include:

  • lifting of global travel ban
  • lifting of country-specific travel ban and downgrading of country-specific risk to level 2 maximum
  • absence of quarantine on US travelers by host country
  • validity of ISOS insurance in host country
Are there any opportunities for remote internships?

MISTI is facilitating some remote internships. Please refer to the MISTI Now page for more information. Hosts and students engaging in remote internships should follow guidelines for remote internships from the CAPD website. 

I am taking a leave from MIT. Can I still participate in MISTI activities?

Yes, students on leave can participate in MISTI. Please refer to the MISTI Now page for more information on upcoming program offerings.

Can I do a MISTI internship independently?

No. Students may not independently seek or complete a MISTI-sponsored internship outside of the framework of the MISTI program. If a MISTI internship program is suspended, all MISTI-sponsored travel to that country is cancelled.

An internship is considered to be sponsored by MISTI when:

  • MISTI funds are used to cover all or a portion of the internship or
  • MISTI introduced the student to the host entity and/or made the placement or
  • The internship was made available to MIT students thanks to a partnership with MISTI
I have a grant from MISTI Global Seed Funds. May I receive an extension?

Faculty members and research scientists with active MISTI Global Seed Funds grants may be eligible for an extension based upon the length of disruption to their project. MISTI will reach out to impacted faculty with more details.