Dami Thomas sitting on a lion statue in Lithuania

Dami's Story

During the summer of 2023, Dami Thomas '26 worked with Elinta Robotics in Kaunas, Lithuania, and "learned how to assemble pneumatic systems, gained experience with aluminum profiles, obtained more experience with SolidWorks, and learned how to design Pneumatic diagrams for large-scale projects." 

"Over the course of my internship, I worked on two projects. One project was a PCB tester that used computer vision algorithms along an automated line to examine and test the quality of PCBs manufactured by client companies. I helped create an enclosure for the PCB tester made from aluminum profiles. I worked on the Automated Packaging Line for the second project which uses conveyer belt systems and robot arm manipulators to accelerate the process of sorting and packaging milk cartons in large crates rather than having it done manually."

Watch his experience here on MISTI's YouTube Channel: "Mechanical engineering internship in Lithuania with Dami Thomas."

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Dami Thomas '26
Dami Thomas in Lithuania in front of a large bronze statue with a person holding a shield and sword on a horse on two legs ready to charge
Major & Class Year
Mechanical Engineering & Computer Science and Engineering & 2026
Kaunas, Lithuania
MISTI program
Elinta Robotics
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