EECS MEng student Ijeoma Emeagwali conducts research on machine learning algorithms at Tsinghua University in Beijing

In Fall 2013, Ijeoma Emeagwali conducted computer science research in natural language processing with a Tsinghua University professor. Having just finished his Bachelors with intentions of continuing on to a Masters in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Ijeoma felt extra research experience on a project directly related to my intended field of study would be beneficial before starting graduate school.

By studying abroad in China’s top engineering university, Ijeoma developed skills (e.g., from software development) directly related to the degree he will pursue to further his understanding of machine learning algorithms. He says, "This internship experience in Beijing also allowed me to deepen my understanding of the Chinese language and culture. I had opportunities to learn every day from students eager to share their culture with a foreigner or eager to practice their own English language skills." Being in Beijing, the political and cultural center of China, allowed Ijeoma to conveniently visit many of China’s most iconic cultural landmarks from the Summer Palace to the Forbidden City.

"Since I had very limited opportunities to visit countries outside of the US, my internship experience gave me a unique opportunity to experience the landmarks, style, and architecture."

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