Electrical Engineering student Tayo Falase put her engineering skills to use prototyping a monitoring system for solar panel installations for GreenWatch
Tayo checking in on one of the many solar panel installations at GreenWatch in Belgium


GreenWatch, born in 2009, was started by adding electronic meters to photovoltaic installations to get real time production and grid data. Today, the startup monitors 6500+ sites and 44 MW of peak power. On top of that, the company is actively developing new products for smart grid, home automation and electricity demand side response.

GreenWatch is located in Belgium, in a nice pedestrian city near Brussels called Louvain-La-Neuve with a population of 15,000 students. Belgium has a deep and sustained committed to tapping into the power of the sun. As a point of comparison, Belgium is the size of Maryland but has 2/3 of the photovoltaic power of the whole United States!


Tayo worked with a  team composed of electronic and electrical engineers, sysadmins, designers and developers.  The group loves to imagine ways to integrate websites, apps, clusters, electronics, embedded development, data mining & representation, and many other exciting topics.

Tayo prototyped a monitoring system for solar panel installations that measures and plots temperature and irradiation and sends updates via GPRS. She built and tested each sub-circuit and learned how to make schematics using CAD software. GreenWatch monitors solar panel installations to ensure that customers get the most out of their investment in green energy and Tayo’s work was central to this aim.

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