Jeba Sania interned on the Software Development team at Edraak, the Arab world’s first Massive Open Online Courseware
Jeba at her host office, Edraak

Analyzing MOOC user interactions

“Having taken a multidisciplinary course on programming, electrical engineering and robotics,” Jeba Sania, an MIT Electrical Engineering and Computer Science major, shares, “I was excited to further develop my skills as part of the Software Development team.” At Edrak, the Arab world’s first Massive Open Online Courseware, Jeba’s project focused on using video analytics from Edrak’s database to better understand the relationship between user interactions and learner completion rates – a huge challenge for Edrak among most MOOCs. “Much of the content and material I was expected to work with was new to me,” she says, “but thankfully, I knew to ask my coworkers for support and put in the extra time to learning new concepts.” By the end of her internship, Jeba felt comfortable and confident in her work at Edrak.

The experiences I had this summer made me a more confident, able and resourceful global citizen who appreciate others cultures.

Language and cultural immersion

Thanks to supplemental Arabic classes she continued to take into the summer, Jeba was able to meet and hold conversations with local residents. The expansive MIT community in Jordan also provided Jeba with a network of peers and professionals with whom she further explored Amman. “Being immersed in the culture and language was the most effective way for me to learn exponentially,” she says. “Sitting underneath the light of the milky way listening to stories from native Bedouins while drinking Arabic tea gave me a deeper appreciation for raw beauty of the Arab world.” 

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