While Amber deepened an understanding of environmental fluid mechanics, she got a bonus of increased insight on culture and workplace
Amber explored not only an unfamiliar topic through research in environmental fluid mechanics and hydrology, but also a city, country, and continent that was entirely new to her

Braided rivers

The main objective of Amber’s research this summer was to advance the fundamental understanding of fluid mechanics and hydrology through numerical simulation and modeling. Utilizing software such as MATLAB and IBER, she generated synthetic channels with randomized isotropic and anisotropic topographies to conduct fluvial analysis on. Through properties such as velocity and specific discharge, she was able to analyze fluvial data and measure how the concentration of a tracer like salt traveled through the channels. Amber then compared her synthetic results to realistic anisotropic topographies found in braided rivers in the United States and Spain. Upon her return to the United States, she is continuing to wrap up her project and hopes to publish in the near future.

Finding her global mindset

Amber overcame her initial uneasiness of traveling abroad alone for the first time and truly experienced the summer of a lifetime. In spite of some initial challenges adjusting to the flexible Spanish workplace culture and language barriers, she was able to greatly improve her vocabulary and rediscovered her love of learning the Spanish language. She befriended cashiers, taxi drivers, and even the receptionist at her apartment. She plans to seek out opportunities at MIT to continue to practice and improve her Spanish. She also hopes to use the technical skills she gained this summer and plans to take hydrology and groundwater resources classes in the fall. She is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have been completely immersed in the Spanish culture. Amber thinks that she gained a new perspective on Civil and Environmental Engineering and wants to apply a more global mindset when approaching and tackling real-world issues in her field.

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