Victoria Gregory and Faith OBrian found joy in teaching both engineering and soccer with non-profit Yuwa, and gained medical engineering experience with LV Prasad Eye Institute.
Victoria and Faith with some of their enthusiastic students.

Science and soccer

Faith and Victoria found an incredible combination of physical and educational exertion working with Yuwa, an NGO in rural India that empowers young village girls. With Yuwa, Victoria and Faith taught daily engineering classes to girls ages 10-15 and coached a team in preparation for an international tournament in Minnesota.

“I gained significant experience adapting to a new way of life,” says Faith. “I also learned to better relate to others, despite the language and cultural barriers.”

Engineering for the eye

Faith and Victoria’s other host in the summer of 2014 was the LV Prasad Eye Institute, a network of eye care centers committed to bringing quality care to people of all socioeconomic standings. At LVPEI, Victoria and Faith were exposed to an array of clinical experiences and engineering challenges. They collaborated with three Indian students and an optometrist to design and construct a device to quantify visual field in infants, and they shadowed ophthalmologists, optometrists, and children’s rehabilitation specialists.

“At LVPEI,” says Faith, “I learned about rapid prototyping and how to take an idea for a product and turn it into a reality.” Victoria put her engineering skills to work and discovered the immediate gratification of successful design: “After observing a blind boy for a day, I designed and built a fun learning device to help children efficiently and enjoyably learn braille.”

What’s their take-away? “I have found a passion for international service,” Faith says. It’s this kind of lasting impact MIT-India hopes to achieve with every internship.

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