Ben Cohen of TOHL, Inc. was pleasantly surprised by 5 eager MIT-Chile interns who helped make an impact at his start-up company
Founder and CEO of TOHL, Ben Cohen, with MIT-Chile interns

Tube Operations for Human Logistics (TOHL)

TOHL is a global company that provides innovative fluid transport infrastructure solutions to areas with limited access to water. When the MIT-Chile students arrived to the offices in Santiago, the TOHL Chile office was comprised of the founder and CEO, Ben Cohen, and two other full-time staff. Having five interns for 10-12 weeks proved to be incredibly important to the project that TOHL was trying to deploy in Cajón del Maipo, Chile.

The MIT-Chile interns worked in various facets of the project: designing systems for rapid deployment of water infrastructure, designing a complete system of water transmission, purification and distribution, and working with community members to develop a solution that was in everyone’s best interest (those of the community and TOHL). Each student made a large contribution to the project at hand, and the future of TOHL in Chile.

While never having hosted students before, this was a great experience to make a connection between TOHL and MIT. The knowledge possessed by the MIT-Chile interns was valuable to the work at TOHL and to the future of the community benefiting from the water system installation. Having the interns interact with community members and listening to what their needs were was wonderful to observe, from a cultural standpoint. The MIT-Chile interns were steadfast in insuring that the systems that TOHL would put in place were going to meet the needs of the community members. 

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