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Gabrielle's Story

Chemical Engineer Gabrielle Moore '24 participated in the MIT-Imperial College London Summer Research Exchange as a rising junior, developing membranes for gas separations.

I worked with a doctoral candidate and a Masters student on the development of membranes for gas separations (which can be used for CCUS). My supervisor Sunshine Iguodala has been leading the development of these membranes during her time at ICL, while I tested their efficacy through gas separations testing, as well as aided the creation of these membranes with master’s student.

My work in previous classes at MIT (like organic chemistry, thermodynamics, and fluid processes), as well as previous UROP experience gave me relevant knowledge that aided in my understanding of the goals of the project as well as my role while I was there. The data that I gathered will be used to further the development of membranes for use in carbon capture and H2 separation, and will be used in upcoming publications.

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"As a student studying chemical engineering, I have become much more cognizant of how relevant my field is to mitigating the challenges of the climate crisis, and of how international problems will require international solutions during my time at MIT. This is why I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to spend time in a lab at an institution in a country that was not my own; I have been able to see over the course of the past several weeks what engineering solutions are in development and how they are being implemented on the other side of the world, and will be able to take that knowledge back with me, in addition to the lab skills that I have gained during my time in the UK."
Gabrielle Moore '24
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Major & Class Year
Chemical Engineering '24
London, United Kingdom
MISTI Program
MIT-Imperial Summer Research Exchange
Imperial College London
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Senior Fall in London