Six MIT students developed STEM modules in Physics, Biology and Chemistry during their stay in Regensburg over IAP.
GTL group in Regensburg atop of the city's cathedral.

Program in Germany

Working with high school students in Regensburg, Germany, six MIT students prepared modules for Physics, Biology and Chemistry experiments to motivate German students to further explore STEM topics.



Cultural Impact

"Teaching abroad in a non-native language for my students was a unique challenge. I found some of the weaknesses in my presentation skills, and many ways my communications style was both beneficial and detrimental to teaching. The feedback I received will be incredibly useful for my future endeavors. Most importantly, however, was the experience of seeing German culture and history first-hand in a long-term setting. It was splendid, inspiring, eye-opening, difficult, and uniquely MIT. I am so grateful to MISTI for the opportunity.” - Jesus Moreno, Materials '16


"GTL in Germany was an amazing experience I will never forget. Teaching students and adapting to a foreign school system challenged me in all aspects of communication, leadership and teamwork. Seeing the universal spark of excitement in our students’ faces during our hands-on biology, chemistry and physics lessons was incredible. Exploring Regensburg and living with a host family enabled me to get an even better picture of German culture and all of the things the country has to offer. The experience has made a lasting impact on me and my view of the methods and meaning of teaching others." - Alissa Borshchenko, Chemical-Biological Engineering '16


"Living in Regensburg was amazing! I loved living with a host family because I got to really get a good glimpse into what life in Bavaria is like. I have been to Germany before and lived in a dormitory setting so I wasn’t able to really meet as many German people. Now, I feel like I have a good idea of similarities and differences between German and American culture." - Shannon Dunn, EECS '17

Program Sponsor

The University of Regensburg proudly supports the MIT-Germany Global Teaching Labs program.


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