MIT alumni are helping MISTI grow by getting involved, offering support, and providing internship opportunities for our students.
MISTI is committed to enabling every MIT student to make an impact in the world. Your support can make this possible.

Network of alumni around the world

Since the 1983 launch of our first program in Japan, MISTI has equipped thousands of MIT students for a future without boundaries. Many of our alumni say MISTI opened their eyes to the possibility of an international career, and many go on to work or pursue graduate study abroad.

Today, our remarkable alumni network includes Andy Solem, vice president in charge of sales at Bombardier Commercial Aircraft in China; Scot Frank, CEO of One Earth Designs in Hong Kong; and recent MIT-Germany alumna Tracy Li, who is continuing her research on fellowship at the Max Planck Institute while pursuing a PhD at Ludwig Maximilian University.

Our network also includes alumni who maintain important international connections in their U.S.-based careers, such as Sandra Brown, an expert in international patent law, and Jake Seid, who led operations in India for a prominent Silicon Valley venture capital firm.

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How you can get involved

Because MIT alumni take such a passionate interest in MISTI, we are fortunate to have partners in many of the most important academic, corporate and nonprofit organizations in the world. If you are a graduate of MIT and can offer a global opportunity to one or more MIT students, please let us know. Or ask us about donor programs and other vehicles for supporting MISTI.