MISTI host companies and labs provide MIT students with pivotal personal and professional experiences. Many organizations report that MIT students bring fresh perspectives, new knowledge and invigorating enthusiasm to these environments.

I created a fully functional robotic arm for manufacturing processes using a new technology and BMW is submitting a patent based on my work!


Blair Gagnon, Junior in Mechanical Engineering

MIT students actively learn how to solve challenging problems through a combination of making, building, experimenting and scaling. As MIT's international education program, MISTI encourages students to take their knowledge abroad and connect with top international partners. Through MISTI's tailored internship, research and teaching experiences, students and hosts can contribute to innovative solutions together.

Each year nearly 1,000 MIT students are matched with hands-on projects abroad through MISTI. We strive to work with enthusiastic partners who share MIT’s passion for creating a better world.

How it works

MISTI recruits qualified candidates and matches them with a host organization and project. Projects are designed to align the skills and interests of the student with the needs of the host. Before departure, country-specific programs offer support for logistics and organize cultural preparation events for students. Upon return, students submit reports and serve as ambassadors for the program and host.


Fall: Candidates apply, interview with program manager, submit materials and tailor applications for hosts.

Winter: Matching process, phone/Skype interviews, internship placements are offered.

Spring: Logistical arrangements (visa, housing, airfare) and preparation sessions on workplace and culture.

Summer: Projects commence. Typical summer internships last for 10-12 weeks.


Explore some of the companies, research institutes, universities and NGOs we work with.

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Value of an MIT student intern

Internships contribute to patents, academic articles and new technologies. Students gain a firsthand understanding of the international workplace and culture, and are able to help transform innovative projects and cutting-edge research. 

Priority placement is given to MIT students with technical knowledge, relevant experience and language skills. Applications include a resume, tailored cover letter, transcript and recommendation.

Host expectations

Hosts are expected to provide a challenging project for students, and to oversee their progress throughout the internship. Student interns require a workspace and a supervisor. The majority of hosts provide a stipend to cover internship costs.

Assessment and feedback

Students are required to submit an internship report that can be shared with hosts. MISTI may send a host questionnaire to obtain feedback directly from the student’s supervisor.